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Featured Property: The Reykjavik Peace Center Guesthouse:

A luxury guesthouse in Reykjavik featuring spacious rooms and apartments.
Convenient central location in a peaceful area of the city originally built for artists homes and studios. Surrounded by green areas next to a garden of art displays. Ideal place for relaxation, walks minutes away from the Mjodd buscentral and shopping area. As short drive from from Smaralind the largest shopping and leisure centre in the Reykjavik area. Connecting roads to major travel directions.
Several lounges. Reading areas. Computer, TV.  Free Wireless Internet.  More Info & Photos

Discover Iceland

There are so many reasons to visit Iceland for your holidays or hav e a weekend away in Reykjavik often dubbed the nightlife capital of the north for its diverse selection of restaurants, bars, clubs, live music, art and cultural venues.  The Icelandic natural features, various waterfalls and glaciers, spurting geysers, boiling mud pools and the wonderfully relaxing Blue Lagoon, make going to Reykjavik irresistible.

The Icelandic landscape is simply breathtaking and often used by artists and photographers for inspiration. Iceland surprisingly has fairly warm summers, with sunsets that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world, the winters are also not as cold as you may think, and offer equally as spectacular views of the night sky.